Expand your mind ~ Uplift your spirit ~ Transform your life

Challenging and painful life experiences can often lead to us to develop unwanted behaviours and negative thought processes.

I can help you to release old patterns, gain new perspective and empower yourself to make positive change.


 Why Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is a natural way to manifest a quick change and can be extremely powerful at helping people to create the changes they wish to make in their lives.
Combined with Neuro-LinguisticProgramming(NLP) my approaches will allow you to reclaim your life and remove any limitations that may be preventing you from moving forward.


Issues Hypnotherapy works well with:


Addictions                              Alcohol abuse

Anger management              Anxiety

Blushing                            Confidence

Depression                             Drug abuse 

Exam stress                            Fears

Food addiction                       Insomnia 

          Irritable bowel syndrome     Low self-confidence 

                           Low self-esteem                      Obsessions and compulsions 

Pain management                   Panic attacks 

Phobias                                     Public speaking

Relationship issues                 Relaxation

Sleep disorders                         Smoking cessation

Sports performance                 StressWeight Control


    What to expect;


Our first meeting will be a consultation lasting an hour, where we will agree on the best way of working together, creating a tailored approach to suit your needs.

The following sessions will involve you being guided by my words into a feeling of relaxed focus, where you will feel as though you are daydreaming. I will offer you new suggestions (that we have previously agreed upon) that will allow you to heal your mind and emotions, resulting in a clearer perspective on your life.

My approaches are safe and effective, with you as the client always being in control.

All consultations are confidential and your privacy respected.


If you feel you would benefit from hypnotherapy then feel free to contact me to book your consultation.

Sessions available in person and via Skype.

Please note: Some medical conditions will require a letter from your GP before treatment is undertaken.





  • * Disclaimer– testimonials are given for you to gain an understanding of the results you can achieve. Exact results will vary from person to person.

Due to client confidentiality names of clients are not mentioned:


“I came across Riki via a google search. I was in a very stressful state in my life and I was looking for some help, Riki was amazing with her relaxing technique and very calming voice. Each time I came for my session I felt better and better, so much so that now I am able to manage my stress prior to each time it was about take control of me. I am focused and can’t thank Riki enough for her help”.


“I had a terrible phobia of spiders, and Riki has the most understanding and caring way of explaining to me the way of how the hypnosis work on the subconscious mind and how it can help. I totally trust Riki as she did wonders with helping rid of my phobia of spiders and now I am feeling much more relaxed when I see one crawling without any fear. I only had four sessions and it is amazing how hypnotherapy helps”.


“I came to see Riki for help with my wanting to stop smoking and it was so interesting that after 1½ hours session I managed to stop smoking even though it took me about a month to get to listen to Riki’s recording but the most important is that I now am not smoking anymore. It is amazing how the mind works. Thank you Riki”.


“Thank you for making and incredible impact on my life. I came to see Riki for my Anxiety that I suffered for the last year but had no idea what to do. I have learnt some strategies from Riki how to cope when my anxiety begins and how to prevent it from escalating. After each session Riki gave me the recording and I listen to them religiously, which made a big difference to my life. I now am able to manage my anxiety with Riki’s great help for which I am extremely grateful”. Also, I know that if I ever needed more session then I can go back to Riki”.